Or just BE... It goes without saying that offers abound when it comes to the search for one’s senses. The current epoca calls for a real need to go back to oneself, as well as a tendency for a cultivation of both body and soul. We wanted to go beyond a selection of unique spa centres  the planet has to offer, and to give the responsibility over this selection to experts on the subject. A state of the art list of unique adresses focusing on well being, letting go and treatment, is what we aimed for. 

YOGA : Whether you are a yoga addict or a novice, willing to discover practices such as pranayama or meditation, or rather to immerse yourself for a few days in the holistic universe of an âshram in the heart of India, we offer bespoke advice tailored to your needs and desires of the moment.

TRADITIONS: We provide you with access to treatments, therapies and ancestral medicine such as Ayurveda, chinese medicine, traditional spa treatments in specialized instiutes or Burman rituals aiming at healing the mind and body in their entirety.  

SPAS & CO: We have carefully selected the most beautiful Spas on the planet, where magic and exhilaration fill the air, and whose exquisite treatments  demonstrate the highest standards when it comes to quality and variety. All in all, unique coves dedicated to the well being of your body and soul and ensuring moments of ultimate relaxation. 

WALK IN PEACE: Journey principaly on foot. Himalayan trekkings, adventures across the  Mongolian tundra, lower and middle altitude trips across our Alps, all accompanied by experts.


The destinations suggested in this selection are places where the practice of Yoga is usually conducted in an intensive and complete manner.

These retreats will immerse you in universes completely dedicated to Yoga, reflexion, and self search. You will practice different types of Yoga, experiment pranayama and meditation, have a taste of vegetarian cuisine, and enjoy the gorgeous scenery and stimulating atmosphere.

About Yoga…the word Yoga means union, it is a way of looking at life as a whole. Yoga isn’t solely a type of exercise aiming at fortifying the body and and working on its flexibility, it is mostly a complete way of life which icludes body, spirit and soul. The practice of yoga enables to look into oneself, to rediscover one’s deep nature and to learn to love oneself.  In yoga philosophy, the body is the carrier of the soul, which explains the importance of having a pure and healthy body. 

During yoga sessions, you will usually start by sun salutations (warm-up composed of a repetition of slow movements), you will then turn to various asanas (slow postures without tension or effort) and finish up with relaxation or meditation. Yoga is divided into different sections, whose practices are more or less dynamic, centred around breathing, meditation, or relaxation. A few examples of yoga practices are: hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, bikram yoga, raja yoga.  Pranayama is the control over one’s breath and life energy (Prana). Breath and respiration are not of the same nature. Respiration is the physical manifestation of the breath. To master these different breathings (Prâna, Apâna, Samâna…) the yoggi will start by mastering his/her respiration, discovering the different arters (Idâ, Pingalâ, Sushumnâ, Gândhârî…) along which his/her breaths flow, in order to envision one’s energetic body.

Prana occurs during the suspension or pause of the breath, therefore, most Pranayama techniques call for working on pauses in the breathing (kumbaka) on full or empty lungs, or on suspension.

Meditation : meditation is a mental or spiritual practice that implicates a special attention towards the self. It is a practice aiming for internal peace, emptying of the mind, and modified consciousness towards progressive appeasement of the mind, or simple relaxation. These are obtained by getting familiar with an object of observation, be it internal or external to the self. 



Get in shape! Be good to your body and mind, here’s the motto of the exceptional places we present you with here.

Be it in a luxurious hotel, in an old mansion nestled in the middle of nature, or in a lush ayurvedic centre, you will discover ancestral therapies, traditional treatments, unique recipies and rituals, and massages from the four corners of the world.

You will also have the opportunity to indulge in Yoga classes, Pilates sessions, meditation or even bespoke detox programmes. 

In this section, we have also includede classic and world-renowned adresses (amongst the best) that offer european-style spa and spring water treatments.

Āyurveda is a therapy born in India, but it is also, and most importantly a philisophy and a way of life. Nowadays, its principles are referred to as “natural medecine”.  

In Âyurveda, each person’s bodily comstitution is meticuously taken into consideration through the vital energies(doshas) of each person’s body, with the aim of rebalancing them, to ensure health and longevity.  

The various therapies used in Âyurveda include massages, plants based medecines, dietetics and of course yoga and meditation practice. 

Chinese traditions: Massages, reflexology, tai chi


From the latin word "Sanitas Per Aguas",  meaning health through waters, a Spa is a place where one indulges in the joy of well-being by combining the virtues of mineral water, sun, and massages. This latin expression was associated with the word Spa because in their times, the Romans were great amateurs of thermal baths and numerous Roman cities were built in the vicinity of thermal springs.  The expression is also said to have been behind the nameing of the Belgian city Spa, founded in 1326. Today, Spas take the form of prestigious centres dedicated to well-being, where luxury, intimacy and tailored treatments appease the tensions brought about by everyday life and restore tranquility to your mind and body. 

Besides medical thermal treatments, Spas offer the possibility to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of water. Warm water is offered through Hammam, sauna, swimming pools, jacuzzi, showers, topped with relaxing bespoke massages.

We all know a Spa in our neighbourhood…nowadays, most hotels offer spa treatments and state of the art facilities. We also know that the quality of a Spa cannot be judged only from its esthetics, or from the products it uses, but from an overall evaluation. Most importantly, the quality of a staff composed of qualified and experienced therapists is key. Here, you’ll find a selection of the best Spa adresses with respect to our criterias for excellence. 


Walking, hiking, trekking, interior journeys.

Go towards the other at one’s foot pace, in tune with one’s body, envision a rare and precious encounter, the encounter with oneself. Close to oneself, one opens up more easily, defies prejudice, is touched by new levels of tolerance and reaches the centre of the world.

The decision to leave on a journey is often fueled by the desire to find peace, balance, and self-fulfillment. Stumbling on foreign grounds, one reaches a higher degree of compassion  and brotherhood, freed from local chains, one is more apt to embark on such a life adventure.  Because the particular epoca we are living in enables the promotion of such incredible journeys,  one should also keep a certain sense of world solidarity in mind, envisioning the challenges we may have to face in the future. 

Accompanied with locals, we certify that these unique spots will induce powerful emotions in you. And the journey may well only be a helpful tool towards self-fulfillment, through encounters, powerful places, moments or random events.  At the end of the day, there are as many journeys as there are sensitivities.  

These are slow journeys, because in order to live and understand this interior voyage you will embark upon, one has to know how to tame and enjoy time. 

Himalayan Countries
Mustang, Dolpo, Nepal, Ladakh, Zanskar, Tibet, Mongolia, Kirghistan, Tadjikistan, Afghan lanscapes, karakorum, the list is long… We will prepare your journey together with our expert guides, according to your abilities and availibility. 

From the deserts to the andean planes, stumble upon untouched Patagonia, latin America is a fantastic melting pot of cultures and traditions. There is so much more to that region than the images too often associated with «latino» culture…

Deserts and rifts
Close the the earth, experience an animal feeling of belonging, tribal encounters with those that are closest to where it all started, the origin of mankind. Red earth, jungles, deserts.

Pointe percée, carpathes, agriates, muverans, lac blanc and hundreds of other legendary journeys of middle altitude. Our guides are here to make you feel on the other end of the planet just a few kilometers away from home.