Cours de POWERYOGA en campagne genevoise, rive gauche, région COLOGNY, VANDOEUVRES, COLLONGE-BELLERIVE, VESENAZ, MEINIER.

horaires 2014*

9h30 - 14h00
14h00 - 18h30 
9h00 - 12h30 - 18h30

* la grille horaire est susceptible d'être modifiée régulièrement en fonction de la demande
**le studio est toujours fermé pendant les vacances scolaires


caroline +41 79 679 54 49 par SMS
merci d'envoyer un SMS ou un e-mail pour s'inscrire/annuler


cours d'essai: 15.- chf
cours collectif: 25.- chf
cours semi privé: (2-3 pers.) 45.- chf
cours privé: 100.- chf


The Art of Attention

This elegant book is both a systematic study guide and a work of art. Detailing 5 of Elena's yoga classes available on YogaGlo, this book invites you to craft your own profound practices, and make your yoga your own. Explore sequencing, theming and your interior experience; then create your own well-wrought practices.


This site is envisaged as a resource for everything to do with Yoga Anatomy. Articles, videos, book reviews, workshop listings, interviews, news and much more. There is a community area called 'Caffe Moksha' where you can ask questions to our experts, start your own blogs, post stuff and generally interact with others who have an interest in Yoga Anatomy. Things are changing daily so check back regularly or subscribe to our newsletter (available in the right sidebar), and I will email you when important content arrives. One of the main features of the site will be the number of articles available, including topics such as injuries, how muscles are involved in asana, alignment, posture, energy and breath. Of course everything can be related to anatomy and physiology in some way, so don't expect there to be just muscle and bone posts. Interviews will be another hot subject and I will be trying on your behalf to secure chats with the 'big names'. I have really been turned off by sites that keep making you load new pages so they can change the ads, so here you will find, minimal ads, all the article on one page, large viewing area, and each article will be able to be saved or printed. I am also keeping images to a minimum and only including them where they add to the understanding of the content, in the hope that load times will be faster. So don't expect pretty thumbnails, read the title and see if it interests you. I only have a fraction of the articles up at the moment so hopefully when all is available, whatever information you are looking for, you will find it here, try out the search bar. If you would like to submit content please contact me using this form. If you know of a great teacher who you think we should contact for content please email us also. This site is being developed out of a love of yoga anatomy and I know there are lots of you out there with similar feelings, if you have any ideas of stuff you would like to see on the site please feel free to get in contact. This is going to be a journey! Practice safe and thanks for visiting Stu



Nira Alpina

This stunning resort has created new 3-day yoga weekend packages in September and October. Indulge in daily yoga classes and walking in Switzerland’s breathtaking Engadin Valley, with the addition of a beautiful spa., Through September & October


Louise Amar’s journey as a healer grew from her personal search for answers. While living in Vienna, Louise experienced the power of healing work in a situation where western medicine had no answer to offer. A Reiki master came to her aid and the healing session put her back on her feet.

Since that moment she has dedicated her life to the science of healing work.

Originally from Israel, Louise has traveled extensively and studied a variety of healing modalities, philosophies and practices of other cultures and countries. She also participated in research at New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, along with doctors, to create an integrative response to the healing process.

Based in New York City since 1999, Louise has been conducting one-on-one energetic healing sessions with individuals from all walks of life. The healing system she has developed is based on ancient practices, extensive research and personal experience and compliments all western medicine.



Le Centre Vimalakirti est un lieu ouvert à tous. Il est consacré à la pratique de diverses méditations bouddhiques.

Vimalakirti est le personnage principal d’un des textes les plus profonds de la philosophie bouddhique. Il y apparait sous la figure d’un riche marchand qui passe son temps à enseigner la vue de la vacuité. Le choix de ce maître comme figure d’inspiration souligne l’orientation laïque de l’association et, par son origine indienne, il marque un retour aux sources anciennes de l’enseignement du Bouddha.